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Photo of beautiful nature in Alameda Park

Alameda Park

Alameda Park is one of Marbella's iconic green spaces, located near the historic center and close to the promenade. This park offers a peaceful retreat with nice gardens where locals and tourists can unwind. A key landmark for starting explorations into Marbella's Old Town or heading down to the seaside along Avenida del Mar, all of it is beautiful.


From its humble beginnings to becoming a beautiful escape, Alameda Park has transformed dramatically over the years. Accessing the park is very easy, with various transport options available to ensure your visit is as smooth as possible.

When you arrive at the park, visitors are greeted by the beautiful landscape and a great ambience. The fusion of art, nature, and history provides a unique backdrop for relaxing walks. Let's not forget about the Fuente Virgen del Rocío, the park's crown jewel, with its captivating tales and exquisite tile work that pays homage to local traditions and history.

After the sun sets, the park's atmosphere becomes even better, offering a calm oasis away from the city. While it may feature the nocturnal buzz of Puerto Banús, the park's evening charm lies in its peaceful setting, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration.

To make your visit even better, we've compiled a few tips ranging from the best times to visit, to uncovering hidden spots within the park's area. Whether you're a first-time visitor or an experienced adventurer, our insights aim to elevate your experience at Alameda Park, making it an unforgettable part of your Marbella adventure. 

About Alameda Park Marbella


Alameda Park is more than just a green space; it's a place where nature, art, and history combine. The park features an array of exotic plants and trees, creating a serene environment that encourages relaxation. The carefully crafted Andalusian tile benches provide rest, but also serve as canvases that tell the stories of Marbella's rich cultural heritage​​​​. Originally developed on land gifted to the city, Alameda Park has grown to accommodate various garden areas, each with its distinct charm. 

Fuente Virgen del Rocío and Alameda Park

At the heart of Alameda Park, a feature stands out, adding a layer of historical depth and artistic beauty to the surroundings: the Fuente Virgen del Rocío. This fountain isn't just another piece of park decor; it's a cultural icon that encapsulates the spirit and traditions of Marbella. There are tiles that illustrate the pilgrimage to Rocío, which is a revered tradition that draws about a million participants annually from across Spain and beyond, the fountain serves as a reminder of the community's deep-rooted devotion and respect for the Virgin del Rocío.

What makes Fuente Virgin del Rocio so special?

The legend behind the fountain adds to its beauty, telling the story of a shepherd who found a carved image of the Virgin Mary in a tree trunk. This discovery, and the subsequent events that led to the creation of a hermitage in honor of the Virgin, underscores the fountain's significance not just as a physical structure, but as a living testament to history, tradition, and the collective memory of the people.

History and background

The park's most historically significant feature, the Fuente Virgen del Rocío, stands as a testament to the lasting spiritual traditions of the region. The fountain's detailed tile work illustrates the story of a shepherd's miraculous discovery of the Virgin Mary, a narrative that has captivated the hearts of millions and inspired the annual pilgrimage to Rocío. Alameda Park's roots trace back to the 18th century, originally designed as a public space for relaxation and social gatherings. Over the centuries, it has witnessed numerous transformations, each adding layers of beauty and historical depth to its atmosphere. 

Getting to Alameda Park


Surrounded by the city, Alameda Park is easily accessible and remains a favorite spot for anyone looking to escape into nature without leaving the urban boundaries. Whether you're wandering through on a day off, looking for a spot just to relax, or joining in on a festive event, Alameda Park welcomes all with open arms, offering a taste of Marbella and a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.

Located near Marbella's old town and the famous Paseo Marítimo, Alameda Park is easily accessible by foot, car, or public transportation. Its central location makes it a perfect starting point or a relaxing end to a day spent exploring Marbella's historic sites and vibrant seafront​​​​. Parking in Marbella can often be hard when trying to find a spot, below you will find a few different methods of transport:


  • Bus: You are able to get the bus to Alameda park. Bus LÍNEA 12, LÍNEA 2, M-220 stop right in front of the park. Taking the bus is a smooth ride, affordable, and you get to see a bit of the city along the way. It's the perfect option if you want to save some euros and still get there comfortably.

  • Taxi: If you're all about getting there fast and don't mind spending a little extra, a taxi's the way to go. It's direct, no fuss, and you'll be at the park before you know it. A little splurge for the sake of convenience never hurt anyone, right?

  • Walking: Now, if you're up for a mini adventure and want to stretch your legs, walking is fantastic. You'll pass through some of Marbella's cool spots, soak up the atmosphere, and hey, it's totally free. Plus, you'll feel super refreshed when you arrive.

Tips for visitors

Whether you're drawn by the beauty of its historic fountain, the artistic sculptures, or simply the desire for a little escape, Alameda Park welcomes everybody into its vibrant embrace, promising a memorable experience. Make sure to visit and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this special place.

Best times to visit Alameda Park

In the morning, you should aim to visit just after sunrise. The park is less crowded, and the soft morning light makes the greenery and tile work even more enchanting. It's a photographer's dream and a serene start to your day. In the late afternoon, especially an hour before sunset, is magical. The light casts beautiful shadows, highlighting the park's features. Plus, it's cooler, making your exploration more comfortable.

Artistic appreciation

Don't rush past the benches and the Fuente Virgen del Rocío. Each tile tells a part of Marbella's rich history and cultural heritage. Consider the symbolism and craftsmanship; it’s a free art lesson and a deep dive into local traditions.

Exploring Marbella

For the old town charms, be sure to make time to explore through Marbella's Old Town after your park visit. Its narrow streets and historic buildings offer a beautiful contrast to the park's open spaces. Don't forget the seafront promenade, a walk along the beach can be the perfect end to your day. The views are stunning, and the sea breeze is refreshing. Look out for sculptures and local artworks along the way, if you want to know more about the sculptures read our blog about the Dalí Sculptures.

Food and drink spots

Cafe culture, look out for cafes with outdoor seating to continue enjoying Marbella's beautiful weather. Ask for local specialties; many cafes are happy to share their homemade delights. Before your visit, do a little research or ask locals for restaurant recommendations around the park. Marbella's culinary scene is vibrant, with options ranging from traditional Spanish cuisine to modern fusion dishes.


Alameda Park is a gem in the heart of Marbella, offering a peaceful retreat amidst the city's vibrant life. Its blend of natural beauty, artistic expression, and historical significance makes it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to connect with Marbella's heritage and enjoy moments of tranquility. If you want a guided tour through this beautiful park, along with multiple stops at classic tapas bars and -restaurants, check out our Marbella Tapas Tour.

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