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El Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus view from outside

A shopping heaven in the heart of Marbella
El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús

Nestled in the glamorous marina of Puerto Banús in Marbella lies El Corte Inglés, a shopping destination that epitomizes the luxury and sophistication of the Costa del Sol. This blog takes you inside this iconic department store, showcasing its unparalleled offerings, exquisite dining experiences, and why it is a must-visit for anyone in Marbella.

The history of El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús

El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús is not just an amazing shopping destination; it's a landmark steeped in history, reflecting the growth and glamor of Marbella. In this section, we delve into the fascinating history of this department store and its journey to becoming a symbol of luxury in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

The birth of a shopping icon

The story of El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús begins with the humble origins of El Corte Inglés itself, a name synonymous with quality and variety in Spain. The company, which started as a small tailor shop in Madrid in 1890, gradually expanded into a department store chain known for its wide range of products and exceptional customer service. Marbella started out as a quiet fishing village and it became a bustling, cosmopolitan hotspot in the late 20th century, it became clear that this glamorous destination needed a shopping venue to match its newfound atmosphere. El Corte Inglés, with its reputation for luxury and elegance, was a perfect fit. The opening of El Corte Inglés in Puerto Banús was not just a business expansion; it was a statement that Marbella had arrived on the global scene as a luxury destination.

Growth and expansion

Since its start, El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús has grown in size and stature. Initially, it catered primarily to the elite and the influx of tourists drawn to Marbella’s shores. However, as the town's popularity grew, the store expanded its offerings to include a more international selection, attracting a diverse clientele from across the globe. The store’s expansion and renovation over the years have kept pace with the evolving trends and needs of its customers. From adding more designer labels to introducing gourmet food sections and upscale restaurants, El Corte Inglés has continuously reinvented itself to maintain its status as a premier shopping and lifestyle destination.

Clothes for sale inside El Corte Ingles Puerto Banus

Exploring El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús

El Corte Inglés in Puerto Banús isn’t just a store; it's an experience. As you step through its doors, you're greeted by an array of high-end brands and designer labels. From the latest fashion trends to timeless accessories, beauty products, and home decor, the store has something for everyone. The beauty of shopping here lies in the broad selection of goods, ranging from internationally renowned designers to exclusive Spanish labels, ensuring that you’ll find something unique.

What sets El Corte Inglés apart is its focus on providing great customer experience. The store boasts an array of services, including personal shoppers, beauty consultations, and a gourmet dining area. Whether you're a local resident or a tourist, the staff's attention to detail and commitment to excellent service make every visit unforgettableWhether you're there to go shopping, soak in the prestigious atmosphere, or simply enjoy a nice stroll through the beautiful aisles, El Corte Inglés is a destination that promises to leave you with many memories. So, next time you find yourself in Puerto Banús, make sure to make time for this exceptional retail experience.

Inside view of El Corte Ingles Puerto Banus


El Corte Inglés has strategically placed itself in Puerto Banús, a location synonymous with opulence and luxury. This area, known for its picturesque marina, upscale boutiques, and high-end lifestyle, is a fitting backdrop for one of Spain's most prestigious department stores. It is really easy to acces and has a huge parking garage, with space for everyone. Here's a link to a map showing where it is exactly.


Accessibility and transport options

For those driving, El Corte Inglés in Puerto Banús is easily accessible via the A-7 motorway, a main exit connecting various parts of the Costa del Sol. The store provides a lot of parking spaces, including dedicated areas for electric vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free start to your shopping experience.

Public transportation is a convenient option for visiting El Corte Inglés. The store is well-connected by various bus routes. Busses frequently run from Marbella city center and other nearby towns, dropping passengers close to the store. It's a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to travel, allowing you to avoid the busy traffic of Puerto Banús.

Parking at El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés is an ideal destination for day trips, especially for tourists exploring Marbella and its surrounding regions. Its massive parking options and meticulously designed infrastructure ensure a hassle-free experience for everyone – be it families, groups of friends, or individual explorers

All stores in El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús

As you step through its doors, you're greeted by an array of high-end brands and designer labels. From the latest fashion trends to timeless accessories, beauty products, and home decor, the store has something for everyone. At El Corte Ingles, shoppers can explore a wide range of stores, each offering a different shopping experience. This guide provides an overview of the key stores, organized by category.

Fashion stores

Step into the world of high fashion at El Corte Inglés, where the latest trends and timeless classics meet. Whether you're seeking luxury designer wear or contemporary street styles, the fashion department showcases an extensive collection for men, women, and children. From elegant dresses to sharp suits, accessorize your wardrobe with pieces that reflect your personal style.

Electronics and technology stores

For tech enthusiasts, the electronics and technology section is a treasure trove of the latest gadgets and innovations. From cutting-edge smartphones and laptops to gaming consoles and smart home devices, they provide everything you need to stay connected and entertained. Dive into the great assortment and discover tech solutions that simplify your life.

Homeware and lifestyle stores

Transform your living spaces into a sanctuary of comfort and style with the homeware and lifestyle department. Browse through a vast selection of luxurious home textiles, chic furniture, and decorative accessories. Whether you're redecorating or simply looking for that perfect piece to complete your space, find inspiration and elegance in every corner.

Beauty and wellness stores

Elevate your self-care routine with amazing beauty and wellness offerings. Indulge in a curated collection of skincare, makeup, fragrances, and more from leading brands. The on-site experts are there to guide you through the latest beauty trends and wellness practices, ensuring you leave feeling rejuvenated and empowered.

Specialty stores

Beyond the ordinary lies a specialty department, a great place for those who cherish unique and high-quality products. From gourmet foods and wines to a wide selection of books and artisanal crafts, discover items that spark joy and cater to your sophisticated taste.

You will find the following brands in El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús
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Dining at El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús

El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús boasts a variety of dining options. From gourmet restaurants to casual cafes, there's something for everyone. There are multiple cuisines from around the world, ranging from classic Spanish dishes to exotic Asian flavors. With ingredients sourced locally, each meal will leave you wanting more, the seafood, in particular is a must-try. Dining at El Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus is more than just eating out; it's an adventure that engages your taste buds and offers a glimpse into the rich culinary culture of the region. Whether you're a foodie, a casual diner, or just someone looking for a delightful meal, this place promises an unforgettable experience. Don't miss out

Gourmet experience

For those seeking a taste of luxury, the Gourmet Experience at El Corte Inglés offers a dining environment where you can savor delicacies from around the world. Whether it's indulging in seafood, exploring international cuisines, or enjoying premium wines, this section promises a sophisticated atmosphere for everyone.

Cafeteria & coffee shops

For a more casual setting, there are cafeterias and coffee shops they provide the perfect spot to unwind or catch up with friends over coffee, pastries, or light meals. Offering a range of freshly brewed coffees, teas, and a selection of snacks and desserts, these spaces invite you to take a little break.

Fast food & quick eats

For those on the go, the fast food options ensure you don’t have to compromise on taste for the sake of convenience. From gourmet burgers and artisanal sandwiches to healthy salads and smoothies, find a quick fix that satisfies your hunger and your taste buds.

Rooftop terrace dining

Elevate your dining experience, quite literally, at our rooftop terrace dining area. With panoramic views of Puerto Banús, this is the ideal place for those looking to enjoy a meal or a drink against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset. The rooftop terrace offers a selection of dining options, from relaxed café vibes to elegant dining under the stars.

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