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Saturday market Puerto Banus

Puerto Banús Saturday Market

Puerto Banús is not just a haven for luxury yachts and high-end boutiques, it is also home to the vibrant Puerto Banús street market. This bustling market becomes the heartbeat of the area every Saturday from 8:00 to 15:00, located at the Centro Plaza commercial center. Your best parking choices include the El Corte Ingles garage or nearby streets, though finding a spot may require patience. Alternatively, you can park at a public lot in Puerto Banús and walk to the market.

The Puerto Banús Street Market is certainly a must-visit when going to Marbella. It is a vibrant celebration of Andalusian culture, filled with colors, flavors, and unique treasures. Held every Saturday from 8:00 to 15:00, at the Centro Plaza commercial center. This Saturday market in Marbella perfectly captures the soul of the Costa del Sol, offering something for everyone, whether you're on the hunt for traditional Spanish crafts, fashion, accessories, local produce or simply looking to soak up the local vibes.


The Saturday market atmosphere


The Puerto Banús Saturday Market is a mix of traditional street markets and Centro Plaza's boutiques. Every week, the nearby streets buzz with the sights, sounds, and smells of Spanish culture. Whether you're looking for treasures or just enjoying the lively atmosphere, visiting this market is a memorable cultural experience. The friendly local police also make sure it's safe and smooth, managing traffic and guiding visitors to designated parking areas for a carefree time in the market's vibe.

Location and market days

The Saturday Market in Marbella is located conveniently near the vibrant Puerto Banus and just across the highway, and it presents an extraordinary shopping adventure. Adjacent to the renowned bullring, this market stands as a symbol of local heritage and allure. Its advantageous positioning not only ensures easy access but also harmoniously combines the practicality of urban living with the distinctive appeal of classic markets. 

Accessibility and transport options

Getting to the Puerto Banús Saturday Market is easy. If you're in Marbella, just hop in a taxi or catch one of the frequent buses from the city center. For those in the mood for a scenic adventure, consider taking a leisurely walk or bike ride along the promenade from Marbella to Puerto Banús. Plus, it's great to know that the market is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience hassle-free

Parking in Marbella

Planning to drive? No problem! Your best parking options are in the El Corte Ingles parking garage or on nearby streets. We will be honest, finding a spot might take some time, so patience is key. Another option is to park in one of the public parking lots in Puerto Banús and then walk to the market from there.

What to expect from the Puerto Banús market


The Saturday Market in Puerto Banús offers a wide variety of local and handmade products. Below are some of the products you can expect to find at the market. 

  • Local crafts and souvenirs: You can find many stalls with a variety of handcrafted goods, including traditional ceramics, leatherwork, and intricate jewelry. These make for perfect souvenirs or gifts to take a piece of Marbella back home.

  • Fashion finds: Stumble upon a range of clothing and accessories, from flamenco dresses to hand-woven hats. The market is a great place to find unique fashion items that embody the spirit of Andalusia.

  • Fresh produce and gourmet delights: Indulge in the freshest fruits, vegetables, and gourmet foods. Local olives, cheeses, and cured meats are particularly popular, offering a taste of the Mediterranean diet.

  • Art and antiques: Art enthusiasts will enjoy browsing through stalls featuring paintings, sculptures, and antiques, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Costa del Sol region.

Tips for visitors


Are you planning to go the Puerto Banús Saturday Market? Here are some extra tips that you must know before going! 

  • Timing: The market starts early, so plan to arrive by mid-morning to avoid the crowds and experience the best selection of goods.

  • Bargaining: Don't be shy about bargaining – it's all part of the market experience, and you might just get yourself a great deal!

  • Refreshments: All that shopping is sure to work up an appetite. Luckily, the Puerto Banús Saturday Market is also a fantastic place to grab a bite. So, between browsing stalls, why not take a break and enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the local eateries? It's the perfect way to recharge and soak in the lively market atmosphere.

There you have it – your ultimate guide to making the most of your visit to the Puerto Banús Saturday Market. See you there!

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